About Me

I’m Clare. Here’s a pic of me at six years old entertaining myself in the shower by trying to catch all the water in my mouth. Took me a couple of years to work out my mouth wasn’t big enough.


Growing up I did a lot of competitive swimming.

This meant my childhood was filled with 5am wake-ups, permanently wet (chlorine-infused) hair, small and large victories at comps, as well as constant trips to nutritionists, dieticians, physio’s and other specialists. But what I remember most is that I could eat practically anything I wanted. 

When highschool finished I decided to take a break from swimming, which meant my lifestyle went from intense exercise 5-7 times a week, to lounging in bed watching YouTube and eating nutella toast 5-7 times a day.

I got a very rude shock when I realised I had picked up 10kgs a couple of months later.

Over the years I’ve tried numerous workouts to combat weight gain (Barry’s Bootcamp, F45, Fitness First, Barre Body, Vicious Cycle… you name it, I’ve tried it). And, whilst I strongly advocate regular exercise, I’ve realised that the key to a maintaining a healthy weight is proper nutrition.

Since then, I’ve developed a keen interest in discovering healthier food alternatives (catch me watching Nutrition documentaries on a Saturday night), and understanding the benefits of different food combinations. 

Along the way I’ve struggled with IBS, a condition that played havoc with my gut and meant that I was put onto a highly restrictive low FODMAP diet. With the help of doctors and dieticians I’ve been lucky enough to regain control of my digestion issues and today I don’t follow a ‘diet’, but rather make healthy and balanced eating choices.

Of course, I’m still figuring out what works, and frequently scratching and re-inventing my recipes. Join this community to come along on my journey. 


Contact me at clare.hopkins98@gmail.com