The Best Things in New York City are FREE

I recently arrived home from a wonderful trip to New York, and found that despite the sky rocketing prices of the attractions in the city, the best things the metropolis has to offer, are free.

1. Get a Big Apple Greeter

Apple Greeter’s are locals in New York who volunteer to take you around the city for a day, where ever you would like to go. Anyone can go to New York as a tourist, but there is something special about immersing yourself in local culture and seeing the city through the lense of someone who lives there.

2. Central Park

Central Park is each New Yorkers back garden – an escape from their squishy high-rise apartments. The park is so large that two people can walk down diverging paths and completely lose each other. I recommend hiring bikes from the city bike company for the day (around $20) and then cycling around the park if you want to cover it. Part of the fun is seeing the hundreds of dogs being walked, as each New Yorker needs to stretch the legs of the pup they are keeping in their 1m x 1m studio.

Get tips here, for events coming up in Central Park, New York.


3. Times Square

Obviously a must see in NYC. The mammoth shining billboards encircling thousands of people really are a sight to behold, and encapsulate the fast-paced, constantly changing, modernity of the city. Take a stroll around and you never know what you might see.

4. The High Line

The High Line was a nice surprise, as I went with very low expectations (not for any particular reason, I just hadn’t realised how lovely it was).

It’s a walk with sculptures dotted along the way. The day I did it, it was -11 celcius (12.2F) and the walk itself actually warmed me up as we tried to stay in patches of sunlight, and took lots of pictures.

5. Brookyln Bridge

Brookyln Bridge was bustling with tourists the day I went, and I initially thought it would just be an opportunity to say ‘Yep, I’ve walked across the Brookyln Bridge.’

To my surprise, the walk offered multiple stunning photo opportunities of New York itself – meaning that you could save on going to the Rockefeller Centre or the Empire State Building in order to get a shot of the city. However, the pics will have some of the metal beams and cables that make the bridge up, but for me that made the photos even more unique. These are some photos I took:


A very exciting pair: Christmas and Travelling to NYC

December 1st 2015:

Today we put up our Christmas tree.

I feel like the best part of putting up the Christmas tree is all the (very important) festivity that happens with it.

I always put a Christmas movie on (this time it was Love Actually) and light a Christmas candle – you have to buy the limited edition Night Before Christmas, by Glasshouse if you haven’t already. I also baked some cinnamon sugar butter cookies to snack on whilst we decorated.

Unfortunately the final outcome was a rather dusty, half squashed, dying tree with way too much glittery decor and tinsel but nevertheless it definitely put me in the Christmas mood.



In just under two weeks I’m embarking on a trip to New York City.

Myself and a very close friend are off to New York in the new year to delve into a world of exquisite style, delicious food and high fashion.

Coming from a warm climate (by warm I mean Sydney is swelteringly hot at the moment) my first thought was about what I was going to wear in a New York winter.

NOTE: Last time I went to NYC I was that classic tourist in a puffy Katmandu jacket, wearing twenty pairs of leggings, socks with sandals, and a 20 kg camera, trying to trek across Times Square. So, to save myself from looking like a gobstopper in 50 layers of clothing again I’ve invested in a stylish figure-hugging winter coat and boots. ASOS has been brilliant for helping me find stylish winter clothes, because all Sydney hosts at the moment are crop tops, shorts and thongs.

I’ve also got a pretty comprehensive list of what I want to do: I want to have cream cheese bagels and chai latte’s (once a day minimum) from Starbucks, I want to wander through Saks Fifth Avenue and pretend I can afford something, I want to explore Soho and order Shake Shack, I want to get lost in Central Park, I want to go for a degustation at the Plaza (if I’m honest this was inspired by Bride Wars) and I HAVE to go to little Italy for pizza, pasta and some more pizza.

Might be a little too much to squeeze in, but the anticipation of it all is exciting enough.