This blog may fizzle out after a couple of posts. However, I am dedicating myself to at least beginning.

I’m 17 and still figuring out what my passions are. But for now, I know I like writing and food. To expand a little bit… I am interested in health, nutrition and how food fuels the body.


This is probably my favourite time of year. Watching society prepare for Christmas is like watching a child fall asleep. Everyone relaxes. All worries are put aside for later. There is peaceful indulgence in Christmas surrounded by family.

In the lead up to Christmas I have been going to fun/quirky new restaurants for meals with friends, eating and baking tasty treats and wasting hours of time discovering new channels on Youtube (micro-documentaries are my favourite).

This morning I went to my local market and splurged on a small biscuit called an Alfajore which I was told was an Argentinian traditional treat.

It might be my perpetual need for chocolate or just excitement over a foreign dessert, but I wanted to try them as soon as I saw them. For those who haven’t had them before – they are sandwich cookies, with a crumbly, buttery texture and dulce de leche in the middle. They remind me a bit of melting moments.

Once I’ve tasted something good, I want to know exactly how to replicate it. Mainly so that I can have it whenever I want. I have done a bit of looking and found online a recipe for alfajores that I am going to make to go alongside our Christmas day lunch.

In the mean time, I’m thinking I’ll make some DIY Alfajores by smearing Nutella between two melting moments… YUM. 

After that I’m going to start brainstorming topics to blog about.

Looking forward to whatever is to come.