The Power of Sleep

It’s no secret that sleep and wellbeing are correlated.

But are you aware of how many factors in your life depend on good sleep?

In a rush to accomplish all the lifestyle goals we set ourselves (in the realm of fitness, diets, social life, careers, etc.) sleep is often neglected.

However, on top of making you feel crappy, sleep deprivation has also been linked to an increase in obesity, and decrease in physical performance.

A study of 14,148 US Army Active, Reserve, and National Guard members found significant associations between quality of sleep and physical performance, nutritional habits, measures of obesity, lifestyle behaviours and mental health.

So what can you do to ensure you get a good nights rest?

Different things are going to work (and not work) for different people. Give new methods a go and see how your sleep transforms. Things that have worked for me include:

Switching off all devices 30 minutes before bed. Devices play a major role in disrupting peaceful sleep. Ensuring that your devices are switched off 30 minutes before bed time, and that they are out of reach from your resting place, is highly beneficial. If you are worried about missing emergency calls, you can always turn on do not disturb and only allow specific contacts to be able to ring through.

Getting a Sleep Tracker. Fitbit is a popular activity tracker, which can provide insight into the amount of sleep you are getting. It will show you your data compared to others in your demographic, and the Fitbit goals/challenges/community will help you set goals to achieve a healthier sleep schedule.

Guided Sleep Meditation Podcasts. If podcasts are your thing, I would highly recommend Get Sleepy to send you off.

Natural Supplements/Teas. There is a lot of false marketing around these products, so it’s important to read the ingredients and also the reviews on products. Two products that I have found effective are The Beauty Chef Sleep Support and Pukka Night Time Tea.

Focus on your diet before bed. This means limiting caffeine after 2pm and high sugar foods after 6pm, as these are both stimulants that are likely to disrupt a good nights rest.

Let me know if any of these work for you!